Content Superiority of Smart Film®
Higher loading dose There is technical limitation in terms of area, thickness, and API loading. However, for the first time in the world, 140.45mg of API was successfully loaded in a single ODF with our Smart Film® technology.
(Viagra-L, Sildenafil citrate 140.45mg, 32mmx27mm)
Masking bitter taste Appropriate taste is required for better patient compliance, while masking the intrinsic taste of drug within the limited weight range of ODF. However, Smart Film® technology utilizes our unique taste masking technique to completely mask such unpleasant taste of drug with minimizing the use of artificial sweeteners and excipients.
Eco-friendly technology The manufacturing process of ODF typically involves the use of volatile organic solvents for the purpose of production efficiency. However, Smart Film® technology only utilizes pharmaceutical grade purified water to emphasize eco-friendly production environment. As a result, not only the safety of the drug product itself but also the safety for patients and manufacturers has been guaranteed.
Natural Bio-polymer ODF formulations often involve artificial and synthetic polymers such as HPMC, HPC, and PVA. However, our Smart Film® technology makes use of biodegradable natural biopolymer, a finely separated and purified polysaccharide obtained from black fungus. Due to its inherent smooth feeling and gel structure stabilizing ability, it became a widely used water-soluble polymer.
Modification What we modify
Problems of ODT (stiffness) ODF improves the stiff and prickly feeling of ODT
Increasing need for easier administration with good tastes Consumer needs easier taking medicine for better compliance
New formulation research by specialization and diversity New formulation research and development for quality of life (QOL) as new trend
Suitable dosage form for evergreening Most suitable dosage form to extend the existing product-lines
Comparison with Conventional ODT, ODF and Smart Film® Technology
API Loading
Patient Compliance Portability
(up to 60mg)
(Limited Robustness)
Conventional ODF Low
(up to 60mg)
Good Better
Smart Film® Technology Low ~ High
(up to 140mg)
Better Better